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On this page you can find answers and ways to troubleshoot the most common errors with installing and using this 'theme'.

Most times reloading the integration and emptying the cache can resolve most problems.
This is done by:

  1. Hit C and click reload Ui_lovelace_minimalist
  2. Clear your cache by clicking CTRL + F5 on Windows or SHIFT + reload on Mac

Most common errors

Not everything is loaded after installation
  1. Check if you have installed all dependencies of this list.
  2. Clear your cache by clicking CTRL + F5 on Windows or SHIFT + reload on Mac
The theme looks off/weird

Check if you have applied the Minimalist theme. Go to User_profile --> theme

Weird border lines after updating to HA 2022.11.0
  1. Check in Minimalist version v1.1.6 or higher is installed
  2. Check in config/themes/ if this line is added to the minimalist theme files:
        # fix added border-lines in 2022.11
        ha-card-border-width: "0px"
  3. Go to the affected dashboard on a PC and hit C on your keyboard. Then select reload Themes. image
Custom element doesn't exist
  1. Check if you did install all dependencies or checked the box to let UI-Minimalist them.
  2. (additional) If the dependencies are installed manually check if all resources are added right. Open your Home Assistant instance and show your dashboard resources.
  3. Clear your cache by clicking CTRL + F5 on Windows or SHIFT + reload on Mac.
Popups do not show up
  1. Check if you have installed Browser_mod V2 correctly.
  2. Check if you followed the card specific way to enable popups
    This is either with adding a template or setting a variable to true
Custom card template does not exist/showing up
  1. Check if you placed the custom_card in the right directory
        └── ui_lovelace_minimalist
            ├── custom_cards
            |   ├── custom_card_1
            |   |   ├── custom_card_1.yaml
            |   |   └── EN.yaml
            |   └── custom_card_2
            |       ├── custom_card_2.yaml
            |       └── EN.yaml
            └── dashboard
  2. Hit C and click reload Ui_lovelace_minimalist
  3. Reload dashboard by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner and click refresh
HACS Frontend resources are not showing up in https://homeassistant.local/config/lovelace/resources
  1. First check what is being displayed when you download a frontend component. If it's showing something like:

    since you are not using Lovelace in storage mode you need to manually add the resource with these settings

  2. First make sure your configuration file has the setting:

      mode: storage

  3. In case it still shows that error. go to https://homeassistant.local/config/system_health and search for what is under: Dashboard -> Mode. if that is on auto-gen. Go to the autogenerated lovelace dashboard. and hit the 3 dots and Edit Dashboard. And just hit Save dashboard.
  4. Now go and restart Home assistant. and try to install a frontend module. It should not show the message from step 1.