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Power Outlet Popup

Power outlet popup

Phone Tablet


  • mini-graph-card (download for HACS)
Card compatibility

This popup is displayed using custom_actions and it is compatible with the following cards/chips :

  • card_generic
  • card_generic_swap
  • card_binary_sensor
  • card_binary_sensor_alert
  • card_power_outlet
  • card_input_boolean
  • card_battery
Variable Example Required Explanation
ulm_popup_power_outlet_sensor1 sensor.metered_power yes Sensor entity displayed on top left button
ulm_popup_power_outlet_sensor2 sensor.metered_electric_consumed yes Sensor entity displayed on top right button
ulm_popup_power_outlet_graph_sensor sensor.metered_power yes Sensor entity displayed on graph
How to use

Breaking Change from version V1.1.2

This popup can now be triggered with the custom action "popup". The popup template can be deleted and use instead the variable ulm_outlet_power_enable_popup: true to enable the use of the popup.

For example :

- type: "custom:button-card"
    - card_power_outlet
    ulm_card_power_outlet_consumption_sensor: sensor.metered_wall_plug_switch_power_3
    ulm_popup_power_outlet_sensor1: sensor.metered_wall_plug_switch_power_3
    ulm_popup_power_outlet_sensor2: sensor.metered_wall_plug_switch_electric_consumed_kwh_2
    ulm_popup_power_outlet_graph_sensor: sensor.metered_wall_plug_switch_power_3
    ulm_outlet_power_enable_popup: true
  entity: switch.metered_wall_plug_switch_2


  • Designed by schumijo and bavo (special thanks to him for his help on this development)).