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Power Outlet Popup

Power outlet popup

Phone Tablet


  • mini-graph-card (download for HACS)
Card compatibility

This popup is displayed using hold_action and it is compatible with the following cards/chips :


The popup is not compatible with the custom_actions! The hold_action only works on the outer layer!

  • card_generic
  • card_generic_swap
  • card_binary_sensor
  • card_binary_sensor_alert
  • card_power_outlet
  • card_input_boolean
  • card_battery
Variable Example Required Explanation
ulm_popup_power_outlet_sensor1 sensor.metered_power yes Sensor entity displayed on top left button
ulm_popup_power_outlet_sensor2 sensor.metered_electric_consumed yes Sensor entity displayed on top right button
ulm_popup_power_outlet_graph_sensor sensor.metered_power yes Sensor entity displayed on graph
How to use

To enable this popup, you need to add the popup_power_outlet template on your card. And also the previously explained variables.

For example :

- type: "custom:button-card"
    - card_power_outlet
    - popup_power_outlet
    ulm_card_power_outlet_consumption_sensor: sensor.metered_wall_plug_switch_power_3
    ulm_popup_power_outlet_sensor1: sensor.metered_wall_plug_switch_power_3
    ulm_popup_power_outlet_sensor2: sensor.metered_wall_plug_switch_electric_consumed_kwh_2
    ulm_popup_power_outlet_graph_sensor: sensor.metered_wall_plug_switch_power_3
  entity: switch.metered_wall_plug_switch_2
  name: Prise téléphone


  • Designed by schumijo and bavo (special thanks to him for his help on this development)).