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Custom-card "Person"

This is a custom-card that improves the original person card (card_person) by allowing the user to define as many areas as desired and adding a pop-up window inspired by the nice theme of @matt8707



Author: imswel - 2022 Version: 1.0.0


1.0.0 Initial release


This card needs the following to function correctly:

Component / card required
browser_mod yes
lovelace-card-mod yes


- type: "custom:button-card"
  template: custom_card_imswel_person
    ulm_card_imswel_person_entity: person.john
    ulm_card_imswel_person_wifi_tracker: device_tracker.wifi_oneplus_6t
    ulm_card_imswel_person_gps_tracker: device_tracker.oneplus_6t
    ulm_card_imswel_person_findmy_script: script.find_my_oneplus_6t
    ulm_card_imswel_person_use_entity_picture: true


Variable Example Required Explanation
ulm_card_imswel_person_entity person.john yes The person entity
ulm_card_imswel_person_wifi_tracker device_tracker.wifi_oneplus_6t yes A device_tracker entity of the person based on wifi
ulm_card_imswel_person_gps_tracker device_tracker.oneplus_6t yes A device_tracker entity of the person based on location
ulm_card_imswel_person_findmy_script script.find_my_oneplus_6t yes A script entity that make ring your phone
ulm_card_imswel_person_use_entity_picture true or false no If true, shows the entity picture from your user instead of the icon. Default is false
ulm_card_imswel_person_zones -
no A list of zones (beside "home") to use for the card. You can set up as many zones as you want besides "home".